27 June 2011

21 Day review

I have come to the end of my 21 day challenge. Overall, I am pleased with my progress. I do have some areas that I could have worked harder.

I completed both of my 5k races!! The first one I ran most of it and finished with a time of 35:27. I probably walked 1/4 mile of this race. My time was an improvement over my 5k in April where I finished in 38:04 and walked close to a mile and 1/4 of this race.
My second 5k was this weekend and I ROCKED this one!! I finished with a time of 34:11 and RAN then entire time!!!!
After these two great races, I believe my body is ready to train for a 10K .
I am much more aware of my food choices and the amount of sodium I take in daily. (Without intentionally salting any food!)
I lost 6 lbs and I am ok with that for now. I feel like I am just becoming more healthy overall and trying to not focus on the number on the scale...hard to do for me!

I did not get in as many miles running as I would have liked to. Swimming lessons started and we have a new format this year and I have been taking time to adjust my schedule daily to meet the needs of the students.
I could have eaten more fruits and vegetables and smaller portions some days.
I didn't lose more lbs. As mentioned before, I am trying to not focus on this.

My new plan:
Tomorrow I am starting the Bridge to 10k plan.
I am going to add some strength training in to my schedule.
I am starting a new 21 day challenge. Anyone else in this time?

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