02 July 2011

Community Olympics 2011

Last weekend was Community Olympics. For those of you not familiar with this; here you go! Your team consists of 10-30 adults that are willing to take part in a variety of sports. The teams are created before mid-May and are told what events are available and sign up for those they want to take part in. Our team was Recess Renegades. This team consisted of most of the people we played (And won!) Kickball League with in early spring. We did recruit a few other members (my brother Shane was one!) and were pleased with our performances during Olympics.
Some of the events:
Chad and I played coed-badminton. Lots of fun!
Shane participated in and won the men's obstacle course! He also did tug-of-war.
Saturday morning started out with a 5k run/walk. Then Shane and Chad went and played a round of alternating throw disc golf. I played in water polo...so fun! Kickball got canceled and we were devastated...
I also participated in croquet! Shane did archery and survived the rigorous Boot Camp! (It was super hot and intense!)
Saturday night they had an 80's Lip Sync and Minute to Win it competitions, our team only did the Minute to Win it.
Sunday was a 2 mile walk and then I went and did a 50M freestyle swim competition. Chad and Shane helped the men's indoor volleyball team take 4th place. We skipped out on the cup stacking to be contenders in the volleyball.
There were many other activities that our other teammates took part in and did well.
Our team finished 11th out of 25 teams!
Our children were graciously taken care of by Grandma Julie and Papa Bryan. We could not have done this without their help!
We are recruiting for next year's team...if you are dying to be a part of our team, let me know! :)

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The Preister's said...

sounds like a lot of fun!!! great work :-)