13 July 2011

What a Wonderful World!

The last week Calla has been running a 102-103 or higher temperature. If you read the previous post you know Drake did that, but his only lasted 48 hours. Calla's.never.gave.up. We called the Dr. on Monday and they said to wait another day and if it was still high to bring her in. Tuesday morning it was still high. Chad took her in and she has strep throat. She got 2 shots to help her heal quicker. We sure felt like fabulous parents. She didn't complain of a sore throat. She just wasn't eating. Now we know.
Today she has been feeling quite a bit better. We went to Wal-Mart this afternoon and bought her school supplies. My FAVORITE time of the year!!! It is way exciting for me to actually have a child to buy for this year. And not just for myself. :)
Tonight the children and I went to the elementary school Calla will attend next fall. The just finished a giant tree house and we finally found time to check it out. It is part of their outdoor classroom and I think Calla thinks kindergarten will be held there next year...not sure! We were going to play on their playground, but there were some people there pulling weeds and cleaning so we opted for a different park. They had a great time playing!
Thanks for checking in!

This boy LOVED the swing!

On her way up to the tree house.

inside the tree house

A view of the outside from across the yard!

The almost fully healthy girl on the slide!

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Anonymous said...

Great to see the smile Calla Drake was enjoying the park too! grandma