02 July 2011

Swimming, Swimming, in the Public Pool

When days are hot, we know where to go! With temps into the upper 90s this week we hit the pool a few evenings. We have been waiting all summer for the weather to still be warm after supper so that we could do this! As an employee of the pool, I get in free. The children are under 5 so they are free, and we pay $2.00 for Chad...we didn't get a pool for our house this summer knowing it was so cheap to let someone else maintain the pool!
Drake just LOVED sitting in the corner and playing with the stuff that floated his way. It is shallow enough so that he can crawl around, but it is kinda rough on his knees.
Calla was all over the pool! She is much braver this year and is able to kick while she floats around on the floaties.
The first night I took both kids by myself and just stayed in the baby pool and we had lots of fun, but Calla really wanted to go down the water slide in the big pool. We got Chad to go with us the next night and I got to take Calla down the slide. At the bottom she got her face a little more wet than she liked and she told me that Daddy does a better job on the slide than me. I took her one more time and then it was decided that only Daddy could take her down. HA!

Happy 4th of July!!! Be Safe! God Bless America!

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The Preister's said...

adorable pictures andrea! thanks for keeping us updated!! <3