07 July 2011

Happy Independence Day America!

We had a nice lazy weekend around here! Drake ran a high fever most of the weekend and after a visit to the doctor and no other symptoms it was decided it was "something viral." He rounded the corner Sunday evening and has not turned back...Praise the Lord!
On Monday, we had 2 parties to attend. First we went to Chad's parent's house to hang with them and the cousins. Then it was on to our friend's house. Both parties were lots of fun, but boy were we glad to have the big bangs over with so that we could all get some sleep!

The boys!

Calla and her usual 4th of July attire...headphones!

The girls!

The girl cousins with their headbands from Grandma Karma!

Drake just taking it all in! He didn't need no stinking headphones!

Calla is working on our special 4th of July strawberries!

Thanks Family Fun Magazine for the great idea! They were delicious!!!

We actually spent $$ on fireworks this year and did some quiet ones at our house. Chad was so excited to get an Army tank and introduce the children to that. Well it went off and both kids started crying...Chad was bummed!

Drake enjoying his first Popsicle.

Watching fireworks at Grandma & Grandpa's house!

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