23 February 2008

First Birthday Party!!!

We had a great birthday party today complete with food, cake, ice cream, presents and 24 people! Calla was taking a nap when everyone arrived so we were thinking she might be upset to find so many people in her living room, but she woke up smiling and went to work entertaining everyone. Burlynn was SO excited to see Calla and was ready to play, play, play. At present opening time, Burlynn was more than happy to help Baby Calla get the job done.
When we gave Calla her own cake she was trying to be careful at first and only eat with a few fingers, but then she really got into it! We really had a great party and are so excited that so many family members spent the day with us!

A family picture...with a funny smile from Calla!

Playing with Mommy's headband...she even knows where it goes!

A picture of her decorated high chair.

Eating her breakfast and getting ready for the party!

Checking out the cards with Mommy.

Starting to eat her cake!

Burlynn was telling her how to eat it!!

Calla smiling for the camera.

An after picture of the Birthday Girl!


Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

Oh, how much fun! Looks like Calla had a wonderful 1st birthday! You are such a beautiful family.

Charli Ann said...

Happy "late" Birthday!!! I am so sorry I didn't get wishes posted on your birthday...or a card sent :-( I have been sick, and not at the top of my game.

Looks like you had a great birthday, such ADORABLE pictures!!!