17 March 2008

Sorry it took so long...

We have been one busy family the last week and updating this site has not been on our mind. :(
Calla went in for her one year check up and she weighs 18.02 lbs and is 27'' tall. For weight she is in the 5th percentile and 3rd percentile for height. She continues to toddle around all the furniture and push her car all over the house. She has learned how to climb on and off of her zebra by herself. This last weekend she did not have any bottles!! So hopefully we are almost done with formula and bottles!!! Everywhere we go she makes new friends and is constantly getting compliments on how she is the happiest baby ever!

We do ask that you drop by our friend Gavin's site and leave his mom an encouraging note. Gina's mom, Stella, is battling cancer and has recently received some discouraging news. The link to Gavin's site is on our page and we really do ask you to keep their family in your prayers.

Check out my pigtails!

This is what it looks like when mom takes the pretties out!

Where's Calla?

I don't know!?!?

Funny Face!


Charli Ann said...

The hair cracks me up...i love it!!!

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