19 May 2007

Picture Time

I think that I can hold my bottle by myself!!

My bikini!!

Mom and me on Mother's Day!

So big!

Dad and I just hanging out!

Things have been going really well for us! I had a great first Mother's Day. We spent the weekend in Deshler with my family and then had supper with Chad's parents when we returned on Sunday. I got two flip flop necklaces from my mom...one in my birthstone and one in Calla's...I love them! Chad bought me a new digital camera so that I can take even more pictures of little cutie pie! Calla is sleeping pretty good most nights and is SO happy when she is awake...unless she is hungry!! We have survived 2 graduations over the last two weekends and are TOTALLY enjoying our weekend home this weekend. Next weeked we are out of town for a family wedding...then I think we really have little plans for the summer. Yea!! Hope you enjoy the new pictures!

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Charli Ann said...

she is starting to look like such a big girl!!!!