01 May 2007

A few things

UPDATE: At her 2 month checkup Calla weighed 11 lbs and 9 oz! She is now 22.5 inchecs long! Dr. thought that she looks great and that we are doing a great job with her!!

I'm cheering for Charli!!

Official Charli Cheerleader

These are a few pics of the outfit that Calla wore on Sunday to Charli's benefit! We wanted Charli to know that we are praying for her all the time!!

I started back to work last week and Calla has done really well at daycare! Now when we leave all the kids gather around to say good-bye and Calla just smiles at them all...it is a great feeling to know that your child is happy when left at daycare.

Sunday was the benefit for Charli and her family and we had a WONDERFUL time hanging out and chatting with them all day. Charli looks great and is an amazing baby girl...it will be exciting to see what plans God has in store for her lifetime!!

Calla goes to the dr. later this week and I will post her stats after that visit. She is growing so much and loves to smile and stand on her legs and hold her head up! Her and Little B will be in so much trouble together in no time! YIKES!!!!!

Hope everyone takes some time today to appreciate all the great things they have going on in their lives!

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Charli Ann said...

Andrea...the onsie was adorable and so creative! Calla was the cutest one there!!!

it means so much to us that you were able to make it up Sunday. I am glad you came down early so we got a small chance to visit, wish it could have been more...I feel like we just didn't get enough time together :-( Thank you for understanding though.

I can't wait to watch Calla grow, she is such a cutie!!