24 April 2007

2 month birthday!!

Just sitting up in my crib!!

Enjoying my new mobile!! I could watch this thing all day!!!

It's my 2 month birthday!!

Today Calla is 2 months old!! Chad and I have decided that it seems like this little girlie has been around for much longer than 2 months!! We love being parents!
Calla survived her shots and her first day at daycare. Shirley, our provider, is great and loves little Calla already and we know that she is a great fit for our family and will take the very best care of our baby!
I go back to work tomorrow and I am very excited! I don't want to leave Calla for 8 hours at a time, but I need a reason to get out of bed, get dressed, brush my teeth, and fix my hair!! I could become a slob really quick if I decided to stay at home, but I don't think Chad would enjoy that.

Charli had a rough weekend and her family could use some prayers so visit them at http://brenda-chad.blogspot.com/ to let them know you care!

Enjoy the new pictures!


Charli Ann said...

thanks andrea...

I know I will say this a million times in my life, she is a doll!!!

Charli Ann said...

PS. I hope you had a good first day back :-)