20 October 2010

Week One!

It has been an amazing week one with Drake! He eats (a lot!) and loves to sleep when being held! My family was here over the weekend and so Calla got some extra attention and Burlynn to play with. They went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday morning, went swimming at the motel, played outside at our house, made cookies, and watched a movie! They were busy!
Calla still is totally in love with Drake and asks him at least 100 times per day, "Do you like your new big sister buddy?" She also likes to call him Superman from time to time. Chad is home with us for another week and has been a HUGE help, Calla asked to go back to daycare on Monday and comes home each day with lots of things to talk about and with tons of kisses for Drake! Enjoy the pics!


The Wiechman's said...

Love all the pictures! What a beautiful family.

Anonymous said...

He is so freakin cute!!! But I'm really sad because who knows when I will get to see the little guy!!!

Cousin Paige

The Preister's said...

a week already?!! WOW!
"buddy" is just a great name for big sisters to give the lil guys!! hope you are feeling well andrea...hugs to you all!