02 October 2010

October is here!

We have waited for October all year at our house! Baby month! We have been having fun as a family of 3, but are SO EXCITED to become a family of 4 in the near future! Here is a little update on some fun we have had the last few weeks.

B and Calla!

Calla and I ready to go to the Nick Jr. Live Show!

There were so many things to see and she just could not get her eyes to focus on the camera. She enjoyed the show, but was bummed that the Hockey mascot, Stormy, was not there too!

Calla trying out the baby bed and watching the mobile.

Another baby bump picture. Baby was laying sideways in this picture so my belly is funky shaped! It still has plenty of room to move from head down to sideways...I guess that is a good thing!

1 comment:

The Preister's said...

andrea, you look too cute pregnant!! the look works for you :-)

best of luck as we await to hear the big and exciting news!! hoping all goes well, wishing you the best!!!!!!!!!