13 September 2010

The Baby's Room!

This baby now has a place of its own! It only took us 6 months or so of living here to get to this point! HA! Chad worked really, really hard the last week to get the painting done and moving things around as asked. My parents brought the crib out yesterday and the blinds/curtains got hung tonight. Yes, two walls are brown and two are orange. We will add the appropriate boy or girl accent colors once baby is here.
Now we just get to wait a few more weeks for this baby to make an appearance. I have several students that are just beside themselves wanting to know if it is a boy or a girl! I have to admit...I am a little anxious myself!

Here is a current picture of the baby belly and Calla in a new hand-me-down dress. She was SO proud of this one and asked for a picture with it on!


The Preister's said...

I would say she looks super proud to be with her mom and new baby brother or sister! It is such an exciting time for them too...full of changes! Seeing Charli & Harper together now it makes me wonder "what was I thinking" when I was feeling so 'guilty' about bringing a new baby home! They have such a good time together, most of the time!!

Love the room too, fun colors! Feels like fall...warmth...and love! :-)

The Wiechman's said...

You look amazing! We are so excited to know boy or girl also, but most important HEALTHY! Hope that last few weeks go well. Maybe see you at the Chorale reunion in November???