14 October 2007

Movin and a Groovin Baby!!

This weekend Calla has really started to move all over the house...we love it and hate it at the same time! We love that she can now get where she wants to go, but hate it that she is growing up so quickly! We met our friends 10 day old baby this weekend and it really is amazing how much they change in only 7 months.
Tonight I was sitting by our couch folding her clothes and she was helping me. I then took the clothes to her room to put them away and she followed me and by the time I got them all put away she was under my feet! Determined girl! We also had to get a baby gate for our stairs just so we know that she is safe. The bedroom and bathroom doors had to be closed so she did not venture in there too!

Here she got bubbles on her face from her toy that she was eating!

Here is a little video of her moving around that I thought you might enjoy!


Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

What a doll! I can't believe how its just like BAM! and they are doing something different. (what is the thing you have in the bathtub with her? Is it her tub or something new I haven't seen yet?)

Charli Ann said...

so cute! Charli was starting to want to crawl at that age too..she'll be driving to senior prom before you know it :-)

it looks like her hair is getting long!