04 October 2008

A quick peek!!

Chad and his Dad have worked really hard so far this weekend updating Calla's bedroom. Her room had water damage after our roof leaked from the tornado in May.
Papa Mike patched the ceiling yesterday and also the floor. Then last night, they put in the new wood laminate floor...and we love it!!!!!! Today they mudded the ceiling some more and the holes in the walls left from everything we had hung up.
Tonight Chad is finishing up the texturing of the ceiling and has started painting the pink stripe. Yesterday at Target I found this rug that will look awesome with the brown that will be on the bottom of the walls. I will update again in a few days with the finished project!

Chad does such good work! We are leaving the white at the top and then the pink with the bottom brown!!

Calla insists on being in there with her Dad while he is painting tonight. The floor is covered with drywall dust, but you can see the general color.

Here is the rug I found for $6.00 at Target!!


The Preister's said...

what a cutie!! The room looks fun :-)

The Wiechman's said...

How neat, can't wait to see the final project!