28 September 2008

It has been so much fun!

Lots has happened since we last met up! Calla is still learning so much all the time...it seems like there is about something everyday! Right now she is playing on the new slide she got from Grandma and Grandpa. When we brought it home she would not crawl up and insisted that I help. After two helps she wanted to do it alone and now she crawls up and down, up and down, up and down all by herself! The dolls are even going up and down with a little help from Calla.

We went to Lincoln this weekend and hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Williams, Uncle Shane, Uncle Jed, and Little B! We even got to see Gina and Gavin while we were at the zoo, and we got to meet Harvey and Amanda's new guy, Lane.
Yesterday we went to the zoo and Gavin and the girls had lots of fun checking out all the animals. We got to feed the goats and llamas. It was so fun seeing Gina again and getting to know Gavin a little bit more.
After lunch we went to an indoor playground, Lost in Fun. www.lostinfun.com It was a blast! The girls loved climbing in and out of the house and cooking all they could find inside. We even played a little basketball there and went on the jump house. We went to the motel and watched the game and had a picnic on the floor while we all hung out.
Today we got to meet Lane. He is so cute and so alert at such a young age.

Grandma Carolyn came through surgery well and is working on healing now. At this point she is not going to do any chemo or radiation. Grandpa is having a harder time with his health and they still need prayers. Stephanie's mom, Cheryl, had surgery last week and also needs prayers as she continues to heal.

Thanks for coming back to see how things were going in our world!

Of course, Calla loved the balls!

In the ball pit

A swinging B!

B and Daddy shooting hoops!

B was being "crabby!"

She found her swimming suit last weekend when Grandma Karma was here and insisted on wearing it...so Grandma put it on her. This will be a nice blackmail picture someday.

Tired Girl.

Gavin, Burlynn, and Calla at the zoo.

Checking out the turtles.

Gavin on the spider web


The Preister's said...

fun pictures!! what a super fun group!! Glad you enjoyed your weekend and are having such a great time!!

The Wiechman's said...

Such good pictures! Thank you for inviting us to share your day at the zoo, we had a great time.