09 October 2008

The (almost) Finished Product!!!

Chad has busted his tail every night this week in Calla's bedroom! On Monday night, we took Calla to Grandma Karma and Papa Mike's to hang out so that we could paint the ceiling and touch up the white stripe. Tuesday night, Chad bought all the trim and touched up all the paint. On Wednesday night, they played in the park while I went to church and then Chad touched up the brown. Tonight he cut most of the trim strips and hung those. As you can see from the pics there is still a little more to do. Calla is in there tonight and some of her things are put back away. We decided to rearrange the furniture, so there will be a few kinks to iron out before we decide for sure which way it will stay.

I do want to ask for prayers for my Grandma Carolyn, she has been in the hospital this week and came home today to finish recuperating. Grandpa Roy is also struggling with his health and also needs prayers.

Let us know what you think of our bedroom creation!

Calla's cute pigtails!

This is where Calla thought she should sleep tonight...we changed her diaper and put her in her bed with her pillow and blanket, she was happy then!


The Wiechman's said...

I love it! It room look so large with those wood floors. Love the pig tails too :)

The Preister's said...

i love the room!! LOVE IT!! It reminds me of neopolitan icecream :-)

The room is adorable :-)

BeckyDittmer said...

It looks so great! What a room to grown up in. The wood floors are awesome!