20 October 2008

Room Progress and the Pumpkin Patch

Calla is back at home after spending the week with Grandma Jules and Papa Bryan. She had a great time, but did miss her Mom and Dad a little! Chad and I did some work on the house while she was gone, so finally we are finished with everything inside!!!! We painted our bedroom and put in a new floor. We are so, so thankful that Chad's Dad, Mike, has all the tools and expertise we need in order to make our house what we want it to be! It is so helpful that he lives close so that we can borrow his tools and his truck! Thanks Mike!
We ended up taking the curtains from Calla's room for our room and got different sheer curtains for Calla's room...it is so PINK when the shades are up and the sun shines in. We love it! We added a brown stripe to our walls so that we could tie in our brown sheets with our black duvet. The laminate floors make the rooms look so much nicer and actually a place we want to be! Most of Calla's toys are in her room so she enjoys playing in there.

Saturday we met my parents, Shane and Burlynn at the Pumpkin Patch near Hastings. It is a great little patch with plenty to do and we just had a blast following the girls around. The loved to jump in the big jump house and the big slides were also fun. The goats were attacking Grandpa and that was entertaining to watch as well. They added a new duck pump race and Burlynn had fun pumping the water to get the ducks going and Calla loved to put the ducks in the trough so that they could float down to the end.

Grandma Carolyn is back in the hospital and needs some prayers that her strength is restored.

Thanks for checking in on us!

Calla really liked the corn box again this year!

Here she is last year in the corn box...wow she has grown!

She really liked the wooden train...she kept saying "Choo, Choo!!"

Crawling through the train!

This year she was big enough to go down the slide into the corn!

The girls wanted to challenge Papa to a game of checkers!

B was pumping the water for the ducks...and getting herself all wet!!

Calla and her Daddy playing Guitar Hero.

Calla's room with a new chair and the new curtains.

Here is the other window and her star coat hooks!
Here is a view of our room!

And another view!

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The Wiechman's said...

How exciting, sometimes the little changes make a difference! Love the wood floors too. It is amazing to see how much she has grown when you put those now and then pictures up, I love it!