28 January 2008

Yuck :(

On Friday night, Calla got the flu. Today we are still battling it and will be going to the Dr. in a while to see if there is anything else going on or just a combo of the flu and a cold. :( So far Chad and I are in the clear and we hope to stay that way.
She was still a pretty happy baby with just a few uncomfortable moments, so that we are thankful for! Enjoy her new pics!

Getting some fresh air on Saturday afternoon!

Resting on her zebra pillow!

This is what she looks like when ill!

Cheese!! If you click to make this pic larger, you can see her 5th tooth that poked through this weekend!!

1 comment:

Charli Ann said...

Andrea...she is SO beautiful!!!!

Such a cute hat, and I love the pictures of her loving her thumb :-)

She is adorable, I can't say it enough!!

Sorry about the flu, hope she is better soon!!