26 April 2009


Last weekend Calla and I went to see my parents. Shane and B were also there that weekend. Chad stayed home to have some man time...too bad I called him several times and asked him to do some things while we were gone. The whole house was clean, the bathroom was re-caulked, the yard was mowed, the laundry was done and Calla's swing set was assembled!!! Calla and I are so blessed to have such a great guy that cares about us and takes care of us even when we leave him home alone!! We are going to Kids Explore later and so we should have some more pics to share!

On her new slide!!!

We had to try out all the "fwings!!"

One happy little girl!

Calla stole B's chicken leg and decided to eat it!

Two crazy girls!!

Calla and Papa Mike in their chairs!

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The Preister's said...

cute pictures!! Wher did you go to Kids Explore?

Chad was busy while you were gone, what a great feeling to come home with so much accomplished!!