05 November 2006

In between weeks 24 and 25

The top picture is from this weekend! I am 24 weeks along and I am slowly gaining a baby belly! The bottom picture is from this weekend. Chad and I went to my friend Amanda's wedding in Iowa and had a good time.
I am still feeling pretty good. Some nights I have some not so nice leg cramps, but I just deal with them and get back to bed ASAP. We have another ultrasound this week, so we will see what the Dr. has to say. Baby is still really low, but the kicks are much stronger than four weeks ago so I would say that baby is definately growing well! Have a great week!

1 comment:

Brenda & Chad said...

so cute!!! It is hard to see your cute belly in black! I bet you are adorable!

depending on my nephews football game saturday, I might try to make a trip to GI. are you busy Saturday?

if they win the game tonight, they will play sometime saturday...maybe a sunday trip. we'll have to see!!