20 October 2006

Week 22

The picture is not the best, but you can see that I have got a little more of a belly this week. I went to the dr. today and have FINALLY gained some weight. I am now over the weight of where I started from...yea!!! My regular dr. was not concerned with the little weight gain since I was not skinny to begin with. She had a patient last month that gained 7 lbs total and had a 10lb baby...it just happens!!! Baby moves around quite a bit and I feel it the most in the evenings. The heartbeat today was 151 beats per minute and that is always so nice to hear that sound!! I go back for my regular appointment in four weeks, but I have my ultrasound before that so it won't seem like such a long time. The room will hopefully be finished this weekend, and we can then finish putting the crib together. Have a great weekend!!

1 comment:

Brenda & Chad said...

you look cute andrea... :-)

weather permitting - I am hoping to make a shopping trip to GI in a week or two. It is a challenge to shop with a baby now-a-days...but we get it done!!

maybe you could meet us there - I will keep you posted!!

keep up the good work, sounds like baby is doing GREAT!