14 October 2006

Preparing the room!!

HOCKEY HAS FINALLY STARTED AGAIN!!! Last night was our first home game...they lost, but looked really good and seemed to communicate well! We are off to another game tonight and are so glad to have some sports to watch again!!

Last weekend I had finally decided on some bedding and Chad liked it to, so we ordered it! We were not positive on the exact colors of it, but had decided that we wanted the room to be a really light shade of blue with about a one foot strip of white at the very top. We decided to add the white because we think it will help the room look a bit bigger. (We seem to be adding lots of furniture and the room keeps getting smaller!?) The bedding arrived this week and we both really like it. It is very simple, but cute! We also bought our bed last weekend and currently it is riding around in the back of Chad's car! Hopefully by tomorrow night we can move it inside!!!
We had nothing besides hockey this weekend so decided it was the perfect time to paint.
As you can see from the pictures the room was a very bright shade of blue to start with so we knew it would take two coats to cover it all up, but that's ok. I have also included a picture of the bedding so you all can see it! We are going to add some little metal stars to the wall to help pull it all together! It seems really early to be getting this all finished, but with three holidays coming up the next couple months we just knew we had to use our time well!
Hope you all have a great weekend! GO HUSKERS AND STORM!!!!!

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Brenda & Chad said...

I'm getting boy vibes!!! ha, not really!

I don't think you are doing things to early AT ALL! You are 100% right, with all the holidays coming up you will be busy shopping and celebrating...the month of November is almost here - and December is hard to get anything other than holiday stuff done! Janurary is a recovery month..and BOOM, baby Ripp will be here before we all know it!!! Are you scared now! Time seems to just fly by when you think of all the things that will go on between now and then!

I really like the bedding, where did you get it from?

Just think in 6 months, your little bean will be the age Charli is now! enjoy it Andrea, because there is nothing in this world like carrying your first child!