11 October 2006

11 Oct 2006--Ultrasound Results


Chad and I went in for our 20 week ultrasound this morning and everything looks pretty good!! We got to see the spine, the thigh, a foot, the brain, and the heart. We also got a nice shot of the arm and elbow. Baby is sitting really low right now and is breech...so I will go back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound. I lost more weight and dr. said that if I lost more between visits they will check my thyroid to see if it is causing problems. I told Chad that I am not going to let them remove it after birth if it is causing weight loss...why is weight loss a problem???? It's not to me!!! Dr. also stated that if I only gain 20lbs total that will be enough nourishment for the baby!
Baby is measuring a week behind the due date, but as long as it continues to grow, there are no concerns with that. My computer with the scanner is not hooked up to the internet currently so I will try to scan pics later to post...both of the ultrasound and me! I have a little more of a belly now then before so I was really hopeful that I had actually gained some weight...dr. said to start eating more high calorie snacks...like ice cream! Who wouldn't like to hear that!!?!?

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Brenda & Chad said...

well, I was NEVER told to eat more calories!! I am jealous!!!

I am SO glad to hear everything went well. It is so fun to see that little baby inside of you, and to hear the heartbeat!

Charli was breech too, she turned around week 26 I would guess. I definatly knew when she turned! I had the worst night sleep ever...I can still remember it!!!

I can't wait to see the picture of your little bug!!!

Glad to hear things are going well...thanks for updating :-)