31 December 2011

Ripp Christmas and Drohman Christmas

We celebrated Christmas with Chad's family on Christmas Eve before going to our 9PM Children's Program. It was a great evening of food and fun! The children were spoiled as usual and didn't want to have their pictures taken.
On Christmas Day we were off to my Grandma and Grandpa's house for our celebration there. Not everyone could make it, but the group that was there was rowdy and obnoxious, as usual! :)

Picture taking is not for one-year-olds...

The best family picture we could get this year. Oh well!


Chad's brother and his family

Tiny pieces of paper...

Roller skates!!!!

Another thing to race his cars on!

Daddy and Calla

Uncle Jeddy and Drake!

Teaching Grumpy Papa and Blake how to play Lala Loopsey on the DS!

A Cookie Monster that sings!

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