21 January 2012

A New Year!!

So far, 2012 has been pretty much o.k. for our little family!!! Our health has been pretty good, we have hung out with friends a few times, the weather has been very un-winter like, the IRS was wrong with their allegations against us, we are this much closer to summer already, and we have a fifth birthday to celebrate soon!
In regards to the interesting weather, we visited our favorite park last Sunday, wearing only our jackets! Drake had such a wonderful time exploring the place. The last time we were there, he was not walking so it was a whole different ballgame for him! Calla is SOOOO close to perfecting the monkey bars and is wanting another great day so we can go again to try some more. These monkey bars are only about 4 feet off the ground and have a rubber mat under it so there are hardly any fears! The new splash-ground is also done at this park so we really want Memorial Day to come fast so we can go and try it out too!

I have also included some pics we took last Sunday before church. I really wanted another cute pic of the kids together. I think I got it!!! :)

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Cheryl said...

They are all great pics, but I like the one of Calla and Drake with the big smiles! So cute!