05 February 2012

First Snowstorm 2012

Friday night we finally received our first measurable snow of 2012! We.have.been.waiting.for.this.day.
At Christmas, we received several items for use in the snow. Then the waiting began...

Yesterday, Calla and Chad went out to start cleaning off the driveway and sidewalk. Drake was at the door crying. We got him a bowl of snow and he sat and ate snow for a little while. We have a snow blower. It is a small snow blower. This snowfall was no match for it. Chad started scooping. I told him to do what he can and then I would go out and do some. After about 20 minutes of scooping, he went across the street to see if he could borrow their BIG snow blower. Our friend said yes and Chad was relieved. For the next hour Drake stood at the front door watching Daddy with this big machine. Both of my boys were smiling. :)

Today we went out to our lovely backyard and did some sledding. Actually Chad and Calla are still out there now with some friends. Hopefully everyone comes in with all bones still intact.

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