19 February 2012

Fifth Birthday?!?!?! Already?

Five years ago. This was her. My firstborn. My baby girl. My world. The perfect addition to our family. Wrapped in pink. Adorable. My heart's desire.

Today. Five years old. (Well not technically, but the party was today.) Beautiful. Spunky. Sharp. Always listening. Rarely quiet. Adorable. Caring. Fun. Still wrapped in pink. My only girl. Wonderful big sister. Partially grown up.

What a better family we have because of this girl. I don't mean to get all cliche on you, but man time has moved fast these last 5 years!?!?!?!

We had the best birthday party yet! I am pretty sure I get just as excited about planning and having her party as she does! HA! We are so, so blessed that we have all of our family and friends so close that they can come and spend a day with us to help celebrate!!!!!

Drake really liked the spring form pan as a hula hoop! We used the pans to make her cake and he found this size in the cupboard and played with it half the day.

Burly helped finish decorating the cake this morning!

The LalaLoopsy cake! It turned out pretty darn cute! Calla.Loved.It.

On Saturday, Calla and I were getting ready to go to my cousin Paige's wedding shower. We decided we wanted a picture together. Drake was playing on the floor behind us. Chad snapped the picture just as Drake sat up and joined the picture. LOL!

Calla really likes the bath robes that Chad, Drake, and I have. Grandma Julie and Papa Bryan were asked to get her one for her birthday. They couldn't find any so Grandma just made her one!

Drake wanted to get some snuggle time in with Uncle Jed!

We went to the Children's Museum to play for a while after the party. What fun we had there! As you can see even Uncle Jed got to play! :)

Drake really liked and really didn't like Hula this weekend!

The new big bed!

Calla and her collection of LalaLoopsy's! Lots of playing at that table in my future! I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything!

I can't figure out where all of the extra spaces are coming in here tonight. Sorry about the crazy post!

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The Preister's said...

great pictures, hard to imagine that we have 5-year olds! how does that happen? I imagine we will ask this same question when we have teenages before we know it too!! you have an adorable family!