25 March 2012

It's been quite a while...

The pics are super out of order, but I will do my best to tell you about our last month! Thanks for visiting again!

Tonight we had a picnic supper in our backyard! Drake decided he would rather drive his car then sit with the rest of us.

He finally figured out we had food, so then he came over for a bit!

Last week, after it rained, there was some standing water under this gutter. Leave it to Drake to find it. He first started out by putting his hands in. Then he stood in it, but that was not quite good enough. He then had to crawl around in it!

He was so proud that he took my ear warmer and put it on his own head!

One of Drake's favorite places to be!

He was so excited that he got to wake Calla up from her nap. :)

He got Calla's flip flop on all by himself, stood in front of me, and said, "Cheese!" until I took his picture!

Calla and her birthday cupcakes at school!

Drake standing on the chair in the toy room looking for the neighbor's dogs. (Are you starting to see a similarity here between all the pics of Drake, standing on things he should not be!?!?!?)

Calla made us pizza for her birthday supper!

Opening gifts on her real birthday.

Playing with her LalaLoopsy things!!!

Silly baby!


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