11 February 2012

A snowgirl and a little fun

Monday evening, Calla convinced her Dad to help her build a super snowgirl. She turned out mighty pretty and they had a fun time doing it. The rest of the week has not been warm enough to get back out there and play. Bummer!
I have also shared a pic of Drake that I had fun editing with my new program! :)
This morning, Drake found a new hiding spot under the bar. He was having a grand ol' time just going in and out of the cupboard. Calla got in and tried a few times as well. This afternoon Calla decided to try to hide from Drake. Well, when she was out of sight, he left to play something else. I got my camera and as she backed out of the cupboard and turned around, I yelled and snapped a picture. I laughed so hard the tears ran down my leg. (J/K!) But it really was super duper funny!!

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