02 December 2011

Denver On my Mind

Chad, Drake, and I went on a little adventure to Denver this last weekend/week. Drake had to have some minor surgery done that could not be completed here in town. We took a little time to explore the sights before our big adventure at the hospital! We are home and Drake is doing wonderfully and back to keeping Calla on her toes!

He loved the Cliff Diver at Casa Bonita's!

Before surgery he got to play in a small toy room and he loved this magnetic table where we moved the vehicles around.
Coming out of anesthesia...he was HUNGRY and a kinda crabby about it!

After 8 oz of apple juice, he was a bit more coherent!

At home, last night, he is pretty much back to his normal self...exploring everything. I guess we should have named him Diego! HA!

Enjoying the nice weather in Denver to explore the fountain at Casa Bonita!

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