13 March 2011

Swimming & Sledding

Yesterday it was 55 degrees here. Chad worked in the garage doing some cleaning. Calla rode her tricycle around the driveway most of the day. Drake and I stayed inside because it just wasn't quite warm enough for him to be outside. At one point Calla came running inside, screaming, bawling, carrying on. I ran to the door to see if something tragic had happened. "Daddy said I can't swim in the garage!" Well Calla it is just a bit cold to swim outside. "I want to swim in the garage and it won't be cold in there." How about we swim in the bathtub?!?! "Yeah!!! Mommy's nicer than Daddy!" Pffffffffffft Daddy!!

Today it was 30 degrees here. We got close to 2 inches of snow this afternoon. Thanks to daylight savings time it was still really light outside at 6PM. Chad and Calla went out to build a snowman and go sledding. It was the best snow for a snowman and took very little effort to form the body. It was much harder trying to decide what to make her face from.

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The Preister's said...

prett little snow bunny!!