13 March 2011

Five Months

Drake is 5 months old today! He weighs right at 15lbs. This week he started rolling over from back to front pretty consistently and screams when he gets to his stomach and can't figure out how to roll to his back again. If you let him get mad enough, he will roll back over, but we aren't mean parents like that. He loves to chew on everything. Cereal is his new favorite food, but still really enjoys his bottles. He is finally drinking 6oz at most feedings, but still wants to eat every 4 hours...round the clock. His eyes are really blue except for a nice brown fleck in his right eye. He adores Calla and all of her noisy antics. Of course he spends the most time with her and looks for her when he can't see her but just hear her voice. His jump-a-roo is a favorite toy at home now. Most nights he actually sleeps in his bed, swaddled, and not in the bouncy seat. He has been on more antibiotics in his life then Calla has been on in her 4 years. We hope that germ season is over soon and he can build some immunity. We love you Drakers!!!

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