13 March 2011

Snow Day and Tumbling!

Monday it snowed. All day. Tuesday another system. Even worse. Monday night schools canceled for Tuesday. Winter storm warning. Six to 12 inches of snow expected. Tuesday morning warning changed to an advisory. Four to six inches of snow expected. Noon Tuesday still no snow. Now expecting 1 to 3 inches of snow. About 5:00PM started freezing rain. A bit slick. Lots of happy teachers and students. Several mad superintendents. Sometimes the weather man is right. Sometimes he is not. One more day of school added to the end of the year. Big deal.
Tuesday evening. Calla had tumbling. Class at the YMCA. Calla calls it "CMY." Tumbling was fun. Super fun. Asking every day, "Is it Tuesday?" Can't wait to go back "free (3) more times!"

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