06 December 2006

29 weeks

Well...we went to the Dr. today for our ultrasound and things still look pretty much the same. My dr. that I was supposed to see got called to the hospital right before she came in so we saw a different fellow. It was kind of interesting to get the opinion of another dr. on the whole situation. He showed us that the placenta is still partially covering the cervix and that we need to come back at 35 weeks for another ultrasound and will decide what to do from there. It was also his suggestion that a c-section is the only safe route to go. Just told me to keep taking it easy and to let the dr. know if there was any unsual cramping or bleeding...like I wouldn't do that anyways!!!
I see my regular dr. next week again so we will see what her take is on things and where we stand in her opinion! It is so interesting to me that I see 4 different dr.'s and they all are very well respected in town and very knowledgeable, but yet have different opinions on what is the 'best' route to take for my situation!

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