10 August 2009

Weekend Adventure

Calla and I went to spend time with Grandma Julie and Papa Bryan this past weekend. Enjoy our pictures as we tell you about our trip!

Calla being silly in the park before we left home.

We went to the parade at the Thayer County Fair on Thursday night. Here is Papa Bryan riding in the pickup. He threw us a tootsie roll and the high school age boy beside us took it. I yelled at the boy and told him it was our Grandpa that threw that to us and he had to give it back. He did! HA! We got SO much candy from this parade!

This guy built a stand for his dog on the tractor. Calla thought this was funny!

Friday night, we went to Beatrice to watch Uncle Jeddy race. Shane and Burlynn met us there and Papa Bryan got to help on the pit crew.

This is a picture of Uncle Jeddy crossing the finish line in FIRST PLACE!!!! He led the last 6 laps and thankfully there were no cautions that made us wait even longer to see it happen. We were so excited that we were there to witness this. I'm sure we made quite a scene in the stands celebrating when he won! It was also a special night for kids at the races that night. During intermission, they put $800.00 worth of coins on the track and split kids up into different age groups. The girls each got a ziploc bag to collect as many coins as they could. Calla got a little over $2.00 and Burlynn got almost $8.00! The best part was being there to watch Jed get his first big win. Congrats Jed we know this is only the beginning!

Uncle Jeddy and his girls!

Here is an up-close look at his car!

Papa and his girls in the pits after the race.

Saturday I helped my mom put up the peaches that I had brought her from our house. I think we ended up with about 20 cups of peaches and some left over to make a fresh peach pie. Then we decided to make fiesta lime chicken and corn on the cob for lunch. We found this recipe to cut corn into little bits and mix them with seasoning and butter. Then we wrapped them in a foil pack and put them on the grill! Yummy! The girls loved that they could just pick them up to eat!

Here is our chicken seasoned in fajita seasoning ready to go on the grill. We made a lime sauce to put over them after they came off the grill. Of course we also added cheese and warmed it in the oven. It was great...now if only we had a real recipe we followed so we could make it again! HA!

Fiesta lime chicken is not complete without tortilla strips, but we couldn't find any to purchase so I made some. I just put some EVOO onto a tortilla and put some salt on that then cut it into strips. Then I put these under the broiler for a few minutes. They were great!

On Saturday night we were all going to go to the fair together. The girls knew that and Burlynn was up at 7:00 AM asking to go! Shane took them to see the horses in the AM and they also got to check out some of the other animals. Then they played in the water for a while before lunch. After lunch Papa took them out to swing and play again. About 2:00 they went down for a nap and woke up several hours later ready to go.

B's silly picture before the fair!

Calla's silly picture before the fair! We finally went down the street about 6:00 and had some supper before getting the riding bracelts.

Their first choice was these little boats. As you can see they were in a tank with real water. It was a chore to keep their hands in the boat and not in the water b/c it was REALLY hot still at this point!

Calla and Burlynn both got on to ride these motorcycles. They started with a jerk and B started crying and wanted off. The guy stopped the ride and let her off. Calla rode for a little longer and never asked to go on them again.

They were so cute walking together!

Burlynn decided that she was not going to ride this roller coaster at all. Calla went on it this time with Maggie, a friend of our family. Calla loved it! She went on another time with Lacy another friend and then a 3rd time with a little girl we didn't know. Chad and I love coasters so we hope that she continues to like roller coasters so we can go to Ceder Point some year to ride some of the best!

On Sunday, we slept in and then went outside to play. Here is Burlynn being silly.

This is B waiting for Grandma's reaction after she threw a water bomb and hit her. It was cool outside and the ball was wet! Grandma had to put her pants in the dryer when she was done! Uncle Jed was also out there and had started this little fight. I took Calla and ran inside b/c I was already cold and did not need to be wet. I'm a baby...I know!

After lunch, we went to Hebron to see Great Grandma Lorene and Grumpy Great Papa. The girls had a great time getting toys all over the house and reading a book with Great Grandma. They also had too many treats while there...thankfully we don't live that close or they would be so spoiled!

Calla was so tired after all her fun this weekend so she was sucking her thumb and thinking about a nap. Burlynn thought she would copy her. We had such a great time seeing them and going to some exciting events! We can't wait to hang out again!

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