28 December 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!

We really did have the best Christmas ever! The weather was great, we got to see almost all of our families, we have 2 beautiful children to share it with...I could go on and on!! We hope that each and every one of you also had the best Christmas ever!

Drake just hung out while Calla opened her presents and his!

These are her new comfy socks that she has wined about wanting...this is how she choose to wear them!

Christmas Eve

Calla and Burlynn in their pretty dresses!

The Ripp cousins!

Christmas morning. Calla was bummed that she did not get a "Magic Oven" but we convinced her the Nintendo ds was a much better deal!

Each girl got their own Go-Go My Walking Pup...they never stopped walking them all weekend!

Drake really likes his new tummy time mat that swivels all the way around!

Drake and Great Grandma Lorene!

Drake and Great Uncle Brad!

Calla's new bed...her Princess tent!


The Preister's said...

adorable pictures!! Lucky Calla to get a DS!!! Merry Christmas Ripp family!!

Anonymous said...

Andrea..........Calla is just the image of her Mother..........so fun to see the pictures of the kids and see that you are doing good. Have a Happy New Year
Sandra Borg (Brendas' Mom)