20 February 2011


Two weeks ago, Drake was diagnosed with R.S.V. Not at all a fun week in our house. The happy, easy going baby Drake turned in to a crabby, non-smiling, needy baby. We spent the week holding him, trying to get him to eat, holding him, giving (forcing) him medication, holding him, trying to get him to smile. He slept in his bouncer seat that week so that when he coughed he would be not laying down flat. Well now, he wants to be held a lot and will pretty much only sleep in his bouncer seat. He no longer has a cough and his nose runs only when he is upset.

Thank the Lord he got over it pretty quickly and only required one dose of meds and no hospital stay!!

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The Preister's said...

oh nooooo....poor everyone!! I hope you can get him back in his bed to sleep!!

can't wait to see pictures of the bday celebration and drakes big day too!!