15 May 2011

A new bike, Graduation, and silliness!

Last weekend was a busy one! My cousin graduated from high school in Hastings so we went for the day. First, we found a fun park to play in and run off some energy after our car ride! What a great park it was! Both children did wonderful at the ceremony and then ate lots of wonderful food at the party! Calla found some new friends to run around with.
The most exciting part for Calla was that Uncle Shane was bringing Burlynn's old bike for her. She was beyond excited to get it home for a ride. Well she fell asleep on the way home and we tried to wake her up, but she was super tired. Monday morning, she was up before 7AM and crying that she didn't get to ride her bike. We got her dressed and let her take a spin before daycare. She has improved greatly since the first few times on it and we look forward to taking walks around the neighborhood soon with her!

Drake at the park! It was windy so we kept him in here and he did great!

Drake and Paige! He loved her necklace!

Chad showed her how to be silly with Pringles. Guess we won't buy them anymore! HA!

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