16 October 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Drake!

We survived the big First Birthday of Drake's!! On his actual birthday, he decided to learn to walk!! He had been crusing around furniture for quite a few weeks, but was never interested in walking with an adult's hands or with anything else. At daycare, on his birthday, he just started walking across the room. What a delight to come home and find out your baby was not only 1 now, but also walking. We went to Applebee's to eat the evening of his birthday, because that is what Calla requested!
Over the weekend, we have actually had a big family birthday party. He received so many cute outfits, which he desperately needed and so many awesome "boy" toys. We have sooooo many girl things, and very few things for boys to play with. Some of my family spent the night and we hung out some more today.
Drake, at 1 year old:
-you say: Mama, Dada, Calla, go, Ahh Boo
-you started walking on your actual birthday
-you eat just about anything we give you
-you are still up most nights at least one time, either to eat or to cuddle
-you have 2.5 teeth and seem to be working on more
-you love to be outside and ride in your stroller
-you eat just about anything you can find to pick up off the floor
-you love, love, love to play in water (bathtub, toilet, sink)

We love you so much Drake and look forward to many more exciting birthday parties!!!

It was a 'buggy' party!

The birthday boy, in his birthday clothes!

Walking with Papa!

Calla grabbed his neck when he decided to try to get down off of the step...

The morning of his actual birthday!

Sitting in his cool chair he got from Uncle Shane and crew!! He loves it!

His fun ride on Buzz Lightyear car!

Happy Birthday, dear Drake!!!

A pic of Calla when she was finished with her 1st Birthday cake!

Saying Hello to Hula!

Two hand smash!!

Feeding Uncle Jeddy!

Sticking his tongue out at Uncle Jeddy!

Ready for a bath!

Just getting started!

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