25 May 2012

May Fun

 As May comes to a close, we wanted to update on our month! Calla and I celebrated our last day of school together. We had a wonderful year together and are looking forward to some summer fun before she moves on to a different adult to listen to! :)

 Around 11PM one night this week the weather alert radio started going off. It proceeded to go off about every 20 minutes for the next hour and a half. In the meantime, we did get quite a pit of pea sized hail. It was SO LOUD in the children's bedrooms but neither one woke up! Thankfully!

 Enjoying their baked pancakes!

 We got to go to the Circus that was here in town!

 The dogs that did tricks!

 Amazing Hula Hooping lady!

 Cute ponies!

 Silly strong man!

 Crazy acrobatic women!

 Drake wanted to hold the camera!

 He was swinging these large contraptions around and around! Pretty impressive!

 The dogs that didn't perform very well!

 The beautiful elephant!

Two motorcycles in a sphere! Both children really liked this part!

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