04 August 2012

The Wonderful Family Vacation to Oz

We took a quick trip to Omaha to see the Oz Exhibit at their Children's Museum. It was so much fun! I managed to pack the car without Calla knowing anything and we took off. She kept asking lots of questions about where we were going and finally about York she finally asked, "Did you plan this trip before we left?" up to that point we had her convinced we were just out for a drive to find a new pool to visit! While there we got to meet Dorothy and the Scarecrow, Princess Lily was there and Calla enjoyed her tea party, we also got to play on the playground equipment from an old Richmond Gordman's store. The water area was what Drake really enjoyed! The pizza parlor was cool too! There were of course tears when we left because we had just not been there long enough, 6 hours is a short amount of time to a 5 year old!!

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