07 January 2007

33 weeks--Baby Shower!!

Yesterday I had a wonderful baby shower with some great friends and family in Deshler! Chad and I received so many great things and have spent the evening putting things away and deciding on which things to wash now. We are so excited that we have received so much bath stuff, various baby care items, sleepers, and blankets and so much more!

For Christmas we received a VERY CUTE diaper bag from my parents and so I am including a picture of that so everyone can see just how cool it really is! The inside has the same colors of fabric like the front but the pattern is striped instead of circles and squares. It also came with a matching changing pad! It is from Zag Bag customized purses/bags and there is a website if you want to buy one for yourself!!

I also am including a few pictures of some friends that were at the shower. The first one is of Gina and Brenda who are friends from college. Brenda (on left) recently had a baby and Gina(on right) is expecting her first this summer so we have lots to talk about when it comes to babies!!!

The next picture is of some friends from high school. Jennifer (on left) has a daugher and so she too had some good ideas to share with me. Steph (on right) is the other friend and she was the lone hostess for the day. The other two ladies that were going to help her were sick and so she did a great job of getting everything done on her own. Thanks so much Steph for all you did!!!
It was so exciting to have so many fun people around to celebrate the addition to our family!

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