17 January 2007

35 weeks-Dr. Visit

Today we saw our ob-gyn for our 7th ultrasound in order to track the position of the placenta. Well, it turns out the placenta has moved sometime during the last 5 weeks. It has moved up and away from the cervix and so we no longer will have to have a c-section. This means that I technically have 5 weeks until the due date and will just have to wait until I go into labor. :)
We were excited to have a baby in just a few weeks, but I guess we will have to wait a few more and take what comes! I still have been feeling pretty good and am still able to get down on the floor with my kiddos at work...as well as get up without a tow truck!! I still plan on working until the day I go to have this baby. Thanks for checking in on our day!

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