01 April 2008

1 year pics

We finally got around to having Calla's one year pictures taken!! Here are a few of the ones that we really liked and wanted to share with all of you.
Our kitchen is getting closer to being finished. All of the upper cabinets were hung last night. We just now need the shelf built for the microwave and then we can do all the little finishing projects. Obviously painting will be one of the things we need to do! I am leaving in about an hour for my conference in Florida and so Chad gets the honors of putting things away... I will try to update at the beginning of next week with some pics of Calla and the kitchen!

I LOVE how her left her eyes and her dress blue!!!

This is another favorite of mine...she's just chillin!!

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Anonymous said...

WOW, what a big girl - how cute, and all that hair!!!

Hope your conference goes well!