20 April 2008


So apparently we have been super busy in the evenings because I have not been updating much at all. :-(
We are loving our little girl SO MUCH!!! She now walks all over the house and loves to open and shut the new cupboard doors. She has 10 teeth and eats about anything we give her! It is so nice to not have to buy special food anymore, but just cut up what we are eating and put it on her high chair tray! She sleeps through the night, about 10 hours at a time!!!!!! She loves to be outside and taking walks while riding in her stroller or the wagon. The dog is a favorite of hers as well...she says "gog" for dog and points to the back door when she hears him bark. The fish tank is also captivating at times.

Daddy and Calla did very well while I was away for 6 days at the beginning of the month. Next month I leave again for 4 days and I know that they will have a good time then as well.

My parents, Shane and Burlynn were out here yesterday. Calla and Burlynn had so much fun chasing each other around now that Calla can walk. Burlynn is such a great girl and we wish SO much we could see her everyday!

I would ask that you check out Charli's site (link to the side) and see how you can help the fight against Childhood Cancer. Charli's family is helping raise funds through Relay for Life and there is a great offer on her website right now that you could take part in!

We want to thank you all for checking in on us and I will try to be better about updating more frequently!

B and Shane checking out the lake.

Trying to get a little pic of the 2 together!

Calla being like Mogli from the Jungle Book!

Running towards her Mama!

She loves to sit and read on the Dora couch!

Here I am with Captain Jack Sparrow...not the real one!!

Clearwater Beach, FL

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Charli Ann said...

cute pictures!! Thanks for the shout out on the Relay for Life...we will take all we can get! you are welcome to joing our walk the last week in june! if interested let me know, I am working on a deal at the hotel accross the street!!
love the last picture, looks like a postcard - good job!!