28 July 2008

No! Mine!

These are Calla's two favorite words already...YIKES!!!! During the last week she just picked these up from somewhere and uses them ALL the time. I was hoping they would come a little bit closer to age two, but I guess at least she is talking...look for the positive!
Things here are great and we are just so blessed to have this wonderful little girl in our lives. Calla continues to learn new things each day and seems so much more like a little toddler than a baby...makes me sad :'(
As you can see from the pics she loves to be in the water. This weekend was the first time we got the Dora sprinkler out and she did ok with it, she really just liked to sit in the pool with mommy! I spared you from the pics from that adventure! HA! She really likes to go to the big pool and swim with mommy and daddy, but we can't afford to do that every day like we would like to. She is really into carrying bags and buckets all over with things in them. She has a Little Tikes car inside our house that she climbs in and out of. This last week she has learned how to be like Uncle Jed and climb in and out of the window! Yikes Danica Patrick move over Calla is coming your way!!

*On a side note: Kolden is completely off of the ventilator and out of a coma. His mommy got to hold him for the first time this weekend; I got to see a picture and it was priceless. Keep praying for this family as they have lots of rehabilitation ahead of them.*

Thanks for checking in on us!

Eating an ice cream bar...she was really messy when finished!

Checking out the Dora sprinkler before we turned it on!

Playing in the pool!

She loved this little chair we had for her; it was the perfect height and didn't really tip too easily!

Wearing mommy's shoes!


Charli Ann said...

cutie-pie!!! she will start picking up all sorts of words and habits that you aren't so fond of!! looks like you are all having a great summer!!

The Wiechman's said...

what a cutie! She is getting so grown up! I remember Tracy wearing mom's shoes.