04 July 2008

Happy Birthday America!!!

We did all of our celebrating yesterday and just get to hang out as a family today! We went to Stacey and Pat's (Chad's cousin) to their Annual 3rd of July Party. We ate lots of great food there and Calla got to play with Layne and Hank. (Their dad is Chad's cousin) Layne and Hank both played really well with Calla and she had so much fun following them around! Then we went out to Pam and Dave's house to watch the big fireworks that the city puts on. We hung out with Amber, Andy, and Elly there and the girls had fun chatting with each other.

I want to encourage you to say a prayer for my friend Gina and her family. Gina's mother, Stella, is struggling with cancer and their families could use some extra prayers. There is a link to their website (Gavin) on our page too if you want to leave them some encouraging words.

I also want to tell all of you picture mongrels about a great site I recently found. It is www.picturewagon.com and prints are only 5 cents each...this sure beats my 15 cents at Walmart. I ordered pics on Monday and received them on Thursday!!! Just wanted to share this great price with all of you!

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!

Layne, Hank, and Calla

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