29 June 2008

Calla at 16 Months!

Calla has turned 16 months since I last updated! She continues to be the greatest thing ever in our lives. Our daycare provider was gone for a few days and so Calla spent some time with my parents. Chad and I were so bored...we need Calla to entertain us I guess! She was sure glad to be back home, but also had a blast playing with my mom's day care kids.
We continue to be outside as much as possible and Calla loves it...she even is ok with bugspray and sunscreen. Last week I took her to one of the public pools and she did ok with it. It has a zero depth entry and so she could walk in and out of the water and liked that. We also got a little pool for her at home and she played in that last Sunday and enjoyed that.
He vocabulary continues to grow by the day and so far everything she says are words we are ok with! On Friday she gave me a kiss for the first time...my heart just melted. I was laying on the floor playing with her, she came up to me and said "Ma!" and then she put her lips on mine and said "mwah!" It was so precious!!!!
Her dad is definitely her favorite person and she just lights up when he comes home after work! She loves to be held by him and snuggle up.
Thanks for checking in on us!

She is learning how to feed herself with a spoon!
She was so proud of herself that she got some on the spoon and into her mouth!!


Charli Ann said...

precious pictures!!! We need to get the three amigos together (Gavin, Calla, and Charli) this summer! I can't believe how fast they are growing!

The Wiechman's said...

Mwah to Calla! How sweet I miss you all so much!