08 June 2008

Fishing with Daddy

Last Sunday night we went out to Yanney Heritage Park to go fishing. We still did not have full electricity and our air conditioning was not working so it was HOT!!! We went down by the lake and it was BEAUTIFUL! Calla and I sat and watched a bird play on the reeds and watched Daddy fish. He caught a bass and Calla checked it out a little bit, but really was not that interested! I was excited to catch an 11 inch fish in that lake!!! The pictures are all from our adventure fishing!
Tonight we went to Harmon Park and listened to some good old music. Chad felt like he was at a Lawrence Welk concert, but Calla enjoyed just being outside. We met up with a few friends and had a great evening...it didn't even rain one drop the whole time!!! That is almost unheard of here anymore!
Calla continues to be amazing every day. She now can tell you what a cow, horse, pig, sheep, and dog say. She says: "shoes, ball, cup, night night, go, Dada, Mama, Papa, dog..." the list goes on! She absolutely loves to be outside and ride in the bike cart! She sits still to let me paint her toe nails and fix her hair...I think we might have a girly girl!!!
Thanks for checking in on us!


Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

I miss you guys! What a fun time and Calla is growing to fast.

Charli Ann said...

how fun...fishing with daddy! I am glad you caught such a big fish there :-)

isn't it amazing how they are drawn to being outside so much!!

hope to see you soon...